Tensor HTD

Dicing/Sawing Lubricant

TENSOR HTD is a specially formulated dicing and sawing lubricant designed to extend blade life and most importantly eliminate corrosion of Al/Cu bond pads during the process thus eliminating poor bond quality. When used at a dilution of 200 to 1 with deionized water, the product will ensure the absence of aluminum corrosion regardless of the length of time the wafer is exposed to the sawing process. Regardless of the source of the corrosion (galvanic, electrolytic or photovoltaic) TENSOR HTD eliminates the problem. Benefits: • Economical to use • Simple to implement • Completely biodegradable • Safe and non-toxic

Tensor HTD Details

Base Material:


Shelf Life:

24 Months


Product is available in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

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Handling Instructions

Mix Tensor HTD at a dilution between 200:1 in the saw/grind water using an injection pump. Ensure enough of the mixture floods the interface of the blade and the wafer to ensure proper wetting and coverage.


Product should be stored in a temperature controlled environment. Prolonged exposure to temperatures at or below 32° Fahrenheit (0°C) is discouraged. Prolonged exposure to temperatures at or above 100° Fahrenheit (38°C) is also discouraged. In addition, material should always be sealed when not in use to prevent evaporation.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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