NanoArc® CE-6450

High Purity Nanoparticle Ceria Slurry

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of Chemical Mechanical Planarization and other Precision Polishing applications, Nanophase nano-ceria materials combine a fully designed structure with high purity.  NanoArc CE-6450 is designed for super polish applications where roughness values below 2 angstroms are needed with exceptionally low scratch-dig specifications.  All the Nanophase products clean easily from your equipment and parts, enhancing the ability for secondary processing without defects such as coating.  Manufactured under the strict requirements of ISO 9001 and cGMP(FDA) quality standards, lot-to-lot consistency is ensured with the use of SQC/SPC methods and automated process controls.

NanoArc® CE-6450 Details

Base Material:

Cerium Oxide

Shelf Life:

24 Months


Product is available in 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.


Fused Silica, Glass

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Base Material Cerium OxideCerium OxideCerium OxideCerium Oxide
Particle Size (um)0.40.750.750.75
Solids Content45202050

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Category - Polishing Slurries

Handling Instructions

This material is a safe, aqueous based slurry. To avoid skin or eye irritation, however, handlers should use appropriate personal protective equipment including: rubber gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection. Follow all MSDS, Safety Data Sheet, and label precautions when handling this slurry. Also follow all appropriate industrial safety and hygiene practices when handling or using this product.

If the slurry is to be used in a diluted form, Eminess recommends using only high quality deionized water (>18 M ohm) for the dilution. The product should be mixed periodically (10 to 20 minutes per day) by recirculation or mechanical stirring to ensure that the particles are uniformly suspended. To avoid possible scratching issues, the diluted slurry should be routinely mixed and filtered.

Due to the unique formulation of this slurry, it is recommended that the user not adjust the pH. If a different pH is required, please contact your Eminess Applications Engineer for assistance with your specific process need.


It is recommended that products be stored up to the expiration date at temperatures between 4°C and 33°C (40°F and 90°F). Products can be stored if kept above freezing (0°C or 32°F), and kept below 38°C (100°F) if prolonged exposure at temperatures at either extreme are avoided. Storage outside of the recommended conditions may result in irreversible product damage. In the event of exposure outside of the recommended conditions, please contact your Eminess representative for recommendations. In all cases the products should be allowed to return to room temperature prior to use.


Disposal in accorance with all applicable local regulations.

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