Nalco™ 2329

Colloidal Silica Dioxide

NALCO 2329is a colloidal dispersion of submicron-sized silica particles in the form of tiny spheres, in an alkaline aqueous solution. NALCO 2329has a negative surface charge and is ammonium stabilized. Primary Benefits High silica concentrationOptical clarity Primary Applications Binder support and silica source for catalysts Binder or coating for high temperature insulation Abrasion-resistant and adhesion-promoting additive for various polymeric coatings Detackifying and antiblocking agent for organicfilms Source of pure silica for manufacture of synthetic silica-containing materials Antislip agents for wax emulsion formulations

Nalco™ 2329 Details

Base Material:

Colloidal Silica

Shelf Life:

12 Months


Standard packaging comes in two sizes: 5 gallon, and 55 gallon. Standard totes also come in two sizes: 264 gallon and 330 gallon. These totes are rigid, virgin, HDPE vessels in an aluminum cage overpack. The openings are six-inch buttress with a two-inch NPT bung with a bottom drain. They can accept dip tubes or other commercially available dispense systems.

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Base Material Colloidal SilicaColloidal SilicaColloidal SilicaColloidal Silica
Particle Size (um)
Solids Content50282828
Specific Gravity1.391.191.191.19
Category - Polishing Slurries

Handling Instructions

CAUTION: Inhalation of mists or dusts may be harmful. Avoid repeated or prolonged breathing of spray mists or dust. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, and clothing. Do not take internally. Keep container closed when not in use. NALCO 2329may be stored for up to six months at 40-90°F (4.44-32.2°C). Prevent exposure to temperatures below 32°F (0°C), as freezing causes irreversible precipitation of the silica. Storage in aluminum is not recommended. Storage equipment should be made of stainless steel, fiberglass, or rein-forced plastic.


Storage outside of the recommended conditions may result in irreversible product degradation. Products can be stored up to the expiration date between the temperatures range of 0°C - 45°C (32°F - 113°F). Avoid prolonged exposure at temperatures at either extreme. In all cases the products should be allowed to return to a room temperature prior to use. All shipments include temperature indicators to monitor shipping conditions.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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