Nanopure Final Polishing Slurry

The NP 8000 series final polishing slurries are high purity products designed for the demanding requirements of final polishing of silicon wafers. These slurries have been formulated using the cleanest colloidal silica available along with proprietary chemical additives to create customized formulations to achieve high throughput in final polishing processes, while surpassing the stringent physical properties required for next generation wafers.

NP8020 Details

Base Material:

Colloidal Silica

Shelf Life:

12 Months


Standard packaging comes in two sizes: 5 gallon, and 55 gallon.



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Base Material Colloidal Silica
Particle Size (um)0.07
Solids Content4.5

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Category - Polishing Slurries

Handling Instructions

Storage, mixing tanks, and distribution piping for the diluted slurry should be constructed of engineering plastic such as polyethylene, polypropylene or Teflon®. Materials such as aluminum, copper, brass and PVC should be avoided. A continuous recirculation loop is recommended to keep the diluted slurry well mixed.

Use splash goggles or a full face shield when dispensing liquids to avoid eye injury. Avoid skin contact.

Avoid exposure of slurry (concentrate or dilute) to air as this results in evaporation of the more volatile stabilizing components. Leaving containers open may also result in drying and crystallization of the silica abrasive component, which can cause scratching. Rinse all transport lines, flow meters and other equipment with pH adjusted DI water after use and prior to exposing to air.


NP8020 slurry will freeze if exposed to temperatures below 5 °C. Freezing will cause irreversible product degradation. As a safeguard against potential slurry supply shortage due to frozen shipments, Eminess suggests building inventory prior to the onset of the winter months. NP8020 slurry can be stored for up to one year between 5 °C and 50 °C. Maintain storage in a temperature-controlled environment for best results. Avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures at either extreme.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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