Mark III ID Blade

High Quality Blades for Precision Wafering

Semiconductor Materials, Inc (SMI) patented multi-layered diamond ID slicing blades are specifically designed and manufactured to maximize wafer yields in all types of semiconductor materials.Only the finest 100% natural virgin DeBeers diamonds are used to minimize wafer surface and subsurface damage. The SMI ID Blade and its high speed, creep resistant core materials are specifically manufactured to all higher tensioning, minimizing blade bow, saw marks, and exit chipping. The Mark III line of ID blades has been designed specifically for slicing silicon ingots, while Mark V is ideal for harder materials such as Quartz, Sapphire, Magnets, and Ceramics.

Mark III ID Blade Details

Base Material:

Stainless Steel

Shelf Life:

No Expiration


SMI ID Blades are packaged in customized flat boxes, which may contain 1-25 pieces.



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Handling Instructions

It is crucial that the ID blade be installed correctly to ensure proper cutting performance. It is important to clean all surfaces, discard old bolts and screws, and properly align the blade using the locating pins. New bolts should be torqued to 250 in-lbs. Please contact your local Eminess representative for additional information and instructions.


SMI ID Blades require no specialized storage considerations.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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