Kinik® Pyradia Pad Conditioners

Improving Pad Life and Process Consistency through Precision Diamond Placement

Kinik Pyradia disks utilize a combination of high diamond strength, diamond shaping technology, and individual fixed diamond placement to provide step-out pad conditioner pad performance, high uniformity and consistency, and reduced COO. This design approach features 100% working diamond to pad contact for excellent cut-rate decay resistance, superior process stability, low defectivity, and fixed diamond orientation designed to optimize pad surface asperity development. The robust design make them especially suitable to challenging low/high pH slurry environments (such as SiC permanganate) in which conventioal diamond disks break down.

Kinik® Pyradia Pad Conditioners Details

Base Material:



Pyradia pad conditioners are packaged in plastic trays and vaccum sealed in cleanroom-grade plastic.

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Handling Instructions

Pyradia pad conditioners require no special handling.


Pyradia pad conditioners require no specialized storage.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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