Kinik® NSPD Fine Diamond Pad Conditioners

Improving Pad Life and Process Consistency on Soft Pads

Kinik has developed a line of “fine” diamond conditioners for soft pads (poromeric and impregnated felt pads) that reduce pad break-in time, pad micro-waviness and maintain polishing pad surface texture. These new NSPD discs are much less aggresive than traditional diamond conditioners and utilize Kinik's proprietary fine diamond brazing technolog. This approach provides much higher mechanical attachment strength of diamonds to the substrate. Compared to traditional soft pad conditioning techniques with brushes, these new conditioners are better able to remove pad debris and refresh the pad surface texture. They are available in a variety of tool mounts for both single-side and double-side tools.

Kinik® NSPD Fine Diamond Pad Conditioners Details

Base Material:



NSPD pad conditioners are packaged in plastic trays and vaccum sealed in cleanroom-grade plastic.

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Handling Instructions

NSPD pad conditioners require no special handling.


NSPD pad conditioners require no specialized storage.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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