IC Optic

Next generation optical surfaces will be manufactured in rigorous, predictive, process-controlled environments.
Recognizing that your polishing consumables require that same consistency, Eminess is pleased to offer IC OPTIC.  Made from the same controlled variation-free material that transformed semiconductor manufacturing, IC OPTIC will have the same transformative effect on the Optics Industry.
IC Optic is available as flat pads, or 3-dimensional pucks. The IC Optic puck can be used in high-speed CNC or spindle polishing equipment, replacing the conventional configuration of petal pad glued onto a shaped metal or glass formed tool.
For a demonstration video of IC Optic puck being machined, shaped, dressed, and slurry channels added, please visit the Eminess channel on:

IC OPTIC Details

Base Material:


Shelf Life:

No Expiration


Aluminosilicate, APEX, Berylium, BK7, BK9, Borofloat, Borosilicate, Ceramic, Cleartran - Zn Su Multi-spectral, Crystal Quartz, Fused, Fused Silica, Germanium, Glass, Gorrilla, Leaded Crystal, Phosphate, Poly Carbonate lens, Pyrex, Quartz, SF6 Flint, Soda Lime - Float, Zerodur, Zinc, Zinc Borosilicate, Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide

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Category - Polishing Pads

Handling Instructions

Eminess recommends mounting the IC Optic puck onto an adaptor. The puck should be epoxy-mounted onto the adaptor, which is then screw-mounted onto the arbor/stem. Adaptors are available from Eminess and are sold separately from the pucks. Contact us for the adaptor specific to your OEM tool configuration.


Product should be stored in the original packaging to maintain part number and lot traceability. The IC Optic should be kept from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light sources.


Disposal in accorance with all applicable local regulations.

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