Black Silicon Carbide Dressing Stick

Aggressive ID Blade Dressing and Conditioning Sticks

Semiconductor Materials, Inc (SMI) recommends that ID Slicing Blades be conditioned regularly to remove the buildup of sludge and epoxy, and also correct uneven diamond wear. The most aggressive type dressing stick for ID blades, black silicon carbide is used to true or remove the diamond surfaces on Mark V ID blades. The dressing sticks are commonly available in 1"x1"x6" and 0.5"x0.5"x6" sizes.

Black Silicon Carbide Dressing Stick Details

Base Material:

Silicon Carbide

Shelf Life:

No Expiration


SMI dressing sticks are sold and packaged individually. Larger orders will be boxed.

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Category - Conditioners

Handling Instructions

SMI recommends a periodic dressing be performed to keep the diamond surface free from build-up during normal slicing operations. This procedure should be performed periodically at every 50 slices approximately 3-5 cuts with the aluminum oxide dressing stick. This method is performed by plunge-cut (fixture mount only) at 50% reduced operating speeds.


Dressing sticks require no special storage consideration.


Dispose of in accordance with all applicable local regulations.

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