Smarter. Faster. More Reliable

Eminess Technologies manufactures and distributes products for slicing, grinding, lapping and polishing of critical surfaces, to a global marketplace.

We provide our customers with insight, counsel, and integrated solutions with a high level of personal interaction.

We aim to be a long term partner for each of our customers, committed to their success and meeting their needs through continuous improvement of our products and processes and innovative technology solutions.

ISO 9001-UKAS N&B We offer hundreds of products including polishing pads, customized slurries, fixtures, and wafering adhesives. If none of these products are right for you, we create custom solutions to precisely fit your needs.

What you can expect from us

Eminess - Discover

We will work with you to understand your equipment, constraints, specifications, and requirements in order to fully address your challenge.

Eminess - Recommend

Based on what we reveal during discovery, we will make a product recommendation. This may be either a standard or a custom solution, but either way, we will get it into your hands quickly.

Eminess - Refine

Your business involves highly complex and unique problems. If necessary, the refinement process allows us to adjust our recommendation to fulfill your needs.

Eminess - Deliver

When we have determined the right solution for you, you can count on a quality product, world class service, and technical support.


How Things Work

An Introduction to Our Industry

Learn more about the polishing industry, the products we manufacture, and how they are used.


The World We Live In

We understand that our reach goes farther than simply the solutions that we deliver to our clients. This includes our environment, our employees, and our community.

About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Founded in 2000, Eminess Technologies is the leader in customized Electronic Materials products and solutions for the Precision Surface Finishing market.